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2018 Ford Escape First Drive and Review


2018 Ford Escape First Drive and Review

2018 Ford Escape First Drive and Review - 2018 Ford Escape gets updated looks with two new powertrains including a twin-turbo 2.0-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder and a 1.5-liter EcoBoost turbo-four engine. The refreshed Escape also comes with a new engine stop-start technology, a reworked interior, and even a new steering wheel. For the first driving convenience, the refreshed Escape offers our review some new features including an updated automatic parking system, adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and Android Auto and Apple CarPlay functionality.

2018 Ford Escape First Drive and Review

2018 Ford Escape Review
On the new model, there is a ground clearance that is lower than the one on its predecessor by 0.1 inches; the fuel tank is also slightly bigger than the previous version that is 0.8 gallons. Since the first release, the 2018 Ford Escape has become one of the best-selling small crossovers in its class. It is designed with standard front-wheel drive, and all-wheel drive which is available on the SE and Titanium trim levels. Although it is not significantly different with its predecessor, it brings pretty much appealing improvements. If you are in consideration to make the 2018 Ford Escape as your decision, this first drive review could be helpful for you also for the 2019 Ford models.

Test drive review of the refreshed Escape

A test drive should be the last step to decide on purchasing a car. That’s why we are recommending anyone who wants to read this test drive review to read the in-depth review of the new Ford Escape first to know each detail of the car. Let’s start the discussion if you are ready then. Our first driving 2018 Ford Escape encounter happened on a couple of days ago. From the test drive, it was very impressive, so that is considered as one of the most excellent dynamic options in the class. When we were driving this compact crossover, we didn’t put briskly along in anti-SUVs. We love the 15.2:1 steering ratio which is identical to the previous Escape, reacts very quickly to every input from the driver and it is being engaged and responsive without wading into the twitchiness realm. The body control of the new Escape is taut enough to help the driver momentarily forget he is driving a crossover. You can try to chuck it into a corner really; you’ll feel the body will adequately roll to pass along the obvious sense of top-heaviness.

Familiar sense of driving experience

When we were driving the 2018 Ford Escape, we got an intimate sensation of driving a new car that feels quite familiar to the “old” one, and there’s no word or number can describe this feeling properly. Just like the previous model, the refreshed Escape relays more road texture through the seat of the pants. The underpinnings or the Escape are mostly carried over, and we see that connection to the road as a core product strength. That’s why we don’t think that there is any reason to soften the ride up for the 2018 models year. We can tell you that there is a fact about the existing “comfort” wheel and tire equipment we found on the front-drive SE trim felt to be incongruent with the Ford Escape’s persona. We got this by comparing this fact with the noticeably firmer-riding 18s and 19s on two different Titanium trim level which is an all-wheel-drive vehicle.

Sense of the Interior design

On the previous model year, there are some expectations of the customers to see a few modification to the Ford Escape interior, and seemingly the Ford 2018 model year is answering the expectations very well. We noticed a few changes which were executed with extreme prejudice in favor of greater well-being and also ergonomics. The modification of the interior design is including the overhauled center console that relocates the transmission shifter farther down and nearer the driver than the design of the previous model. This new relocation frees up real estate for storage pockets. The lever-actuated parking brake on the refreshed model is terminated in favor of an electronic pull/push switch. Besides that, the console’s rear center bin is now 50% more voluminous than the previous model. For the cupholders integrate recessing tabs to provide more secure beverage transport. For the convenience of the driver and passengers, it features the supportive and rather wide seats carry on as excellent places to set. We felt the comfort of the seats during the test drive, but these seats still have a chance to get another improvement.

Taste of Ford Escape Specification

2018 Ford Escape comes with a few changes where it counted in response to consumer feedback. The final drive and individual gear ratios of the six-speed automatic transmission are the same. There’s no difference although the new year model features steering wheel paddle shifter with the EcoBoost inline-four engines of the car. We didn’t notice significant changes to the 2018 model year’s appearance. We only found observable visual alterations to the outer sheet metal to give better align the Ford Escape with the rest of the current Ford SUC lineup.

Fuel efficiency

The refreshed Ford Escape comes with a larger gas tank that feeds the new 1.5-liter, and the 2.0-liter EcoBoost four-cylinders that are claimed will fill 90% of the Escape engine bays. The 248-hp, 177-lb-ft, 1,5-liter 1-4 makes one more hp and seven less lb-ft of torque than last year’s 1.6-liter. The peak power of the 2017 model year is also produced 300 rpm higher in the powerband than before, and the 1,5-liter consequently needs the revs to keep the Escape moving. The six-speed auto of 2018 willingly downshifts without the driver required to dig deep into the accelerator pedal, and it is a much-preferred avenue over having to poke, and also prod before a shift hesitatingly occurs.

2018 Ford Escape Review

The 2018 Ford Escape benefits from a trio engine choice, and these are including one that packs 245 horsepower. With an additional new trim for the 2018 model year, Ford offers the SEL trim to fill the white space and price gap between the mid-tier SE and the top grade Titanium. With the athletic driving manners and its incredible towing capacity of up to 3,500 pounds, this 2018 Escape remains an excellent choice in the ever-competitive compact-crossover-SUV arena. It keeps pace on both technology and safety fronts with seamless smartphone integration and a suite of the driver-assistance feature. After the Ford Escape has been updated for the 2018 model year with the new SEL, it brings amenities including leather seats, power tailgate and also the 8-inch infotainment system that works with both CarPlay and Android Auto. And actually, it has a lot of things to see the new Escape. If you are wondering what are there for the latest small crossover, let’s find out in the 2018 Ford Escape Review below.

Sporty Compact Crossover

The 2018 Ford Escape has the same road manners as another kind of car, but it still works very well as a sporty crossover. We can say that it is a compact crossover SUV in the mission, but it wants us to drive it as if it is a sporty hatchback. The company finally listens to the fans’ wish for the Escape by adding the new SEL trim into the 2018 model year. With this addition, now the Ford Escape is available in four trim levels: S, SE, SEL, and Titanium trim. All trims are offering the same all-wheel drive, and it fits a range of powertrains that range from frugal to frothy. Although it provides optional all-wheel drive, it has a respectable fuel economy, what you need of a car with cargo space that ranks near the top of the class and the handy hands-free power liftgate. With this small crossover, you can outfit it from comfortable casual (SE trim with no options) to rugged luxury (a fully loaded Titanium). When driving the Escape on the road, its agility instills a level of driver confidence that is rare in this SUV class.

First Impressions

The latest model year of Ford Escape looks firm, taut, and even nubile if you just like it up against something as dowdy as a Subaru Crosstreck with its winning formula. The latest model of the Escape is handsome and pert, and a new front end that was applied last year only made it better-looking. Sadly, we are not convinced with its cockpit. We found it doesn’t toe the blocky-SUV line at all-a significant turnaround from its original generation and also its mini-Explorer shape. It has lots of undulating surfaces, and complex cutlines turn the Escape into a busy place and then nibble into valuable passenger space. Well, it is a personal opinion, and you might have your judgment for the cabin after having a driving test on it.

We’ll pass on the 168-horsepower inline-four in the base Escape, and thanks for that. Seemingly, the latest Escape is neither efficient nor quick. With the smaller-displacement turbo charger - 4 with 248 hp makes more noise when you hit it but it kicks in more low-end grunt and even better EPA numbers. Don’t be wrong, if we own an Escape, it would have the 245-hp turbo-4 that creams rivals in acceleration and also passing power. We are excitedly impressed with this vehicle that can be our brilliant companion for its sharp steering and firm ride.

The 2018 Escape is a Tightly Controlled Ride

When driving the Escape with a few passengers, they may feel differently about its very tightly controlled ride and even thumps induced by its biggest 19-inch wheels. All drivers will sense Ford’s devotion to spec-sheet details because of its firm and thin seats as if Ford had carved out every inch it could find to improve head and legroom numbers. The chairs of the latest model support us very well, but it has an institutional impression initially. We have no complaints about this car’s cargo space; it is just fine, and so is small-item storage. We also do love the Escape’s gesture-controlled tailgate which is a nice new-car party trick, just the same as its automatic park assist, read the owner's manual.

The downside of the Ford Escape 2018

Well, we can’t just tell you that the new Escape is a perfect option. It still has some disadvantage to be considered here. One of what we don’t like about this small crossover is because it lets down the customers to shop for a list of safety features which has relatively weak crash-test results. It seemingly overcompensates with functions: navigation, leather, a tow package, and the forward-collision warnings with the automatic emergency braking. Well, safety should come first before fun driving. Probably, Ford is now working on their new inventions to provide all we need to feel safe when driving the Escape. Moreover, we need to ensure that all people that we love who are also going with us on the Escape need to be secured from any risk. But it did a lot of things to the infotainment of the Escape by dumping the old MyFord Touch interface from the past for a new one with of course clear readouts, quick responses and also lovely touchscreens. We are so excited about this part an wait the redesign 2019 - 2020 Ford Escape, keep an update with us! Advertisement